Tuesday, 13 September 2016

8 Reason to partner with a staffing firm

Staffing firms can play a critical role in helping companies find talent. By staffing firms I mean any external search firm that earns a fee for making a placement with a company. This includes staffing agencies, RPOs, Master vendor, executive search firms…..etc There is nothing inherently superior to recruiters who work at external firms when compared to corporate recruiters, other than they tend to work fewer assignments and their compensation is based on their results, not their level of activity. This is a huge advantage when it comes to representing stronger candidates. According to market research in India, 90% of companies use a staffing service. Whether you are seeking direct hire, trial hire or temporary talent acquisition services, there are numerous advantages to partnering with a reputable staffing agency. The biggest question is Why companies must need a quality staffing firm???

1. Staffing firm cover both the active and passive talent market, they can help raise the overall quality level of hiring,

The only reason you should pay a good % amount or more for a candidate, if the person is high quality and fit to you needs

2. Exceptional skills to get stronger resource by evaluating many candidates

You need to have exceptional recruiting skills when dealing with passive candidates. To be successful staffing firm recruiters must excel here. Even if corporate recruiters have similar ability, due to their workload, they just don’t have the time to invest in passive candidate recruiting.

3. Strong networks to find talent in time

Staffing firms are well connecting with active and passive professionals, this gives them a sourcing and speed advantage and allows them to find top people quickly

4. They understand real job needs, so you’ll hire people who can hit the ground running.

Part of being a strong third-party recruiter, especially those who are industry specialists, is understanding the real job needs, as well as the hiring manager needs.

5. Credibility with hiring managers.

Due to repeated work staffing firm recruiters create a trust level with hiring manager, which help them to understand requirement quickly and hire resource in time.

6. Best staffing firm has always back-up candidate

In the boom market its quite tough to fill a position as companies always run behind tough candidate, tough candidate has many offers. Best staffing firm always work hard and keep backup candidate to fill the position.

7. Time Saved

According to research average time from interview to offer is 20 days. You lost a large amount of time by position analysis, posting the position, accumulating resumes, reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. Having a partner that is proactive rather than reactive in the recruiting process quickly cuts your costly down time

8. Money Saved

The average direct cost for a new employee is Rs. 80,000/- to 1 Lakh (Above 3 Yrs) including basic wages, benefits, and taxes. Add in costly overtime during the vacancy of the position, recruiting and advertising costs, screening and testing costs, and this number can quickly keep growing. A staffing service can provide you with a predictable cost per hire and many offer financial guarantees to support the quality of their talent. In addition to cost per hire savings, employees contracted through staffing agency fall under the staffing agency’s unemployment and worker’s compensation claims. This can quickly decrease costly overhead due to injuries and employee turnover.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How to Create a Productive Relationship with Your Staffing Vendor

We have a strong staffing division and every day I feel the heat, politics and rude behavior of corporate recruiters. I am expressing this as I believe a company and staffing vendor should work together as one team. Companies should know how to get maximum productive from vendor and a vendor should work with companies rather recruiters……Trying to put all experience to open a new door for companies and staffing vendor relationship.

XYZ Company has a really important position to fill. It’s not quite at an executive level, but it’s a decision-making role, overseeing one of their most important revenue-driving teams. They have worked with a few staffing companies in the past, and for roles like this, each firm typically provides on average seven candidate profiles. In order to increase the likelihood of seeing quality profiles and finding a good hire quick, XYZ Company considers engaging additional search firms. So, XYZ Company calls 10 firms, hoping to see upwards of No. of profiles ASAP. Is this the right approach?
The counterintuitive, but likely correct answer is, no, XYZ Company is probably not getting the best people to solve their hiring problem. But why not?

  • Contingent search  :  Given this example is a professional leadership role, not an executive role, it is likely a contingent search. A contingent search means the search firm, and the recruiter that ultimately fills the job, is only paid upon a successful hire and start date. Which leads to our next point…
  • Prioritization  :  Busy, sought after staffing companies prioritize contingent searches they have the highest likelihood of filling at the top, among the factors determining the likelihood of a successful fill is how many other firms are working to fill the same job.
  • Competition   :  Putting staffing firms in a hyper-competitive situation will not increase their quality of work (depth of search techniques, time spent screening candidates, validity of assessments provided to the client). Instead, staffing firms will likely compete hastily to send people from the same pool of candidates as the firms they’re competing against, while overlooking the larger population of people the client really wants to see (passive candidates). So, what is the best approach to getting the great results from your staffing firm?

  • Price  :  Price should not be the most important factor when choosing a firm. Of course price is a component of what drives value, but so is the quality of the service being provided. Just like all doctors, auto-mechanics, and lawyers are not the same, neither are search firms!  
  • Strengths  : Every staffing company will have service strengths; some may be experts in a specific geography, others in a niche skill area, while others may be industry specific. Figure out what means the most to your company and align that with the strengths of the right staffing firm.
  • Trust  :  Work with a firm that you trust to follow through with a thorough process. Most staffing firms and their employees are programmed to say the right things, but only the best follow through and execute in a detailed manner with the focus of providing your firm a great experience and exceptional people.          
  • Pick a firm  :   Picking one top-notch firm to partner with, as opposed to several, is beneficial. Selecting one company allows the staffing firm to invest the appropriate amount of resources required to discover great candidates.         
    No matter what search partner you choose, make sure to build a productive, meaningful relationship and it will prove to be worth the investment.

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Friday, 31 July 2015

Montek 4th Annual Funtion

Montek is extremely proud to be marking our 4th anniversary – as a start-up I believe it’s a significant milestone. We began our journey on July 25, 2011, and have spent the past decade continuing to build our brand, which has now become synonymous with our commitment to supporting our clients. We at “Montek” wish to express our sincere appreciation to our employees for their loyal support as we celebrate our 4th year in business. We could not have come this far without the loyal support and hard work of each member of the Montek team. Thanks again to all our previous & current employees for loyal support and let’s work together to create a new milestone in next year with many happy customers.


Monday, 13 April 2015

How to attack Passive Candidate

Ask any recruiter – some of their best hires were the passive candidate. What is a passive candidate? One career site defined it as this “A passive candidate is someone who is not looking for a job, but would be open to taking one if the right opportunity came along.”

The passive candidate can quickly become active if the right opportunity comes along. They key now is, how recruiters, human resource professionals and small business owners attract the passive candidate?

  1. Become a speaker: By speaking at industry events, networking meetings and job clubs, you can make connections with professionals that are active and passive. Your presence and presentation can speak volumes about the company.

2. Blogging: Writing a blog that gets picked up by social media and/or is published within forums/message boards and social groups within your industry is a great way to reach out to passive job seekers.

3. In the news: Get your company to create an In the News section on your web site. Promote that page through social media. It serves as an aggregator of areas where your company expertise has been shared, positioning the company as a thought leader in the field.

4. Press releases: Got a big announcement? Someone win an award or get a promotion? Promote that through your local newspaper (yes newspaper) and it can bring further attention to your company. Who hasn’t read about a company in the Sunday paper then went online to research them based on that type of announcement?

5. Monthly newsletter: Create a monthly newsletter and send out articles that include thought leadership and industry news. In the newsletter, include a link to your jobs, or perhaps a “featured job of the month” highlighting a certain opening.

6. Follow-up. Reach out to candidates you’ve worked with or placed in the past. Just continue to harness the relationship. They may be considering a move but haven’t put in the time to start a search. Reaching out to them can kick start that search – and put you or your company in the forefront of their search.

7. Use your own employees: Take the time to tell current employees about an employee referral program in place – and how you rely on team members to help attract new team members. Reference any referral bonuses in place. Share this info on the company Intranet, and in internal communications, like a newsletter or blog.

8.Social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, among other.......Engage job seeker with different post, group discussion, question answer method.

9. Business Club: Business club are ease place to relax and meet many professional. I can say a great place to network and keep personal touch. 

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Monday, 10 November 2014


Everyone must have thought at least once in their life that how lavish life they would like to lead when they become rich and famous. The designer clothes you will wear, the esteemed list of elite people you will meet, the glamorous parties you will be invited to.  Sounds like a dream. Doesn't it? But have you ever heard that there are experts in these areas who teach you how to dress, communicate and behave. These talented individuals are known as “IMAGE CONSULTANTS”

In my multi-domain professional journey I got the opportunity to meet many Image Consultants. Some of them were impressive, but the majority of them had a different concept of Image Consulting. In my opinion the strategies they suggested were just materialistic and focused more on changing the visual image of an individual which I think is not beneficial or correct for a longer span of time. I am not judging anyone here and neither underestimating the capability but just being logical enough to understand a particular theory. Many Corporate Personnel think that external changes are necessary once you are escalated to a position basically to give in the “first impression”. This is true but nobody talks about what happens after the First Impression. Is it easy to maintain the first look impression you have portrayed?

We are in the 21st
Century where you get professional advice for everything, even just to know which hairstyle would look best on you according to the occasion and the clothes you will be wearing. So have you ever thought of hiring someone who will be your professional guide on how to change your lifestyle? It’s just not about which clothes to wear; it’s about how to wear it. Yes, it is that minute and important if you are looking to make an impact and keen about the first impression and how to maintain it. From your hair strands to which color socks will you wear even if they won’t be seen for much time. This is a booming profession in today’s competitive market where everybody likes to put themselves on exhibition.

After the entire introduction about it, I have a different view on IMAGE CONSULTING or also known as Image Makeover as now-a-days it is more about the exterior changes and not the inner developments. For example, an individual can carry a good tuxedo only when he is confident and comfortable in it or else it is as same as it is in your wardrobe.

I would like to brief my idea of how Image Consulting should be with the help of some points:

Communication Skills:  We all know how disappointing and embarrassing it is when we see a famous personality struggling in replying to English reporters. Some of the past example of it would be Kangana Ranaut. A beautiful and talented Indian actress who was ridiculed for her poor command on the mentioned language. Recently, she has brushed up her English skills and the confidence shows up. You can notice the difference between her before & after ‘English’ interviews. You can’t just look pretty and don’t know what and when to talk. It makes you look disinteresting or rude. So, always start with communication skills when you think of ‘changing thy image’

Body Language: Ever heard of leaving an impression without opening your mouth. This is called Body Language. Image Consulting should have this as ‘to do’ activity in their syllabus as this defines if the person who will be changing your image is capable at his job or not. Body language speaks volumes about yourself and the kind of profile you handle without you talking about it. So even if you think that you are normal, still it needs polishing from a professional consultant with reasons

Etiquettes: This is a huge topic to cover actually as etiquettes are about everything. The way you talk, eat, walk, sleep etc. All this displays an individual’s etiquettes. An Image Consultant spends most of the time on this topic as manners are mostly highlighted when you are around people. The minutest things here cause a great difference and are highlighted especially if you are amongst the ‘elite’ people. It’s the toughest subject if you are an Image Consultant

An Image Consultant 

Visual Appearance:  This is garnishing on a dish or icing on the cake. It doesn’t guarantee that a dish will be great in taste or not but it sure can be a feast to your eyes. In this case, changing visual appearance of a person is very challenging for an Image Consultant as you need to turn a frog into a prince in many cases. Visual Appearance is very important but shouldn’t be on priority.


Now everything is set. The Image Makeover process has completed and you have successfully dominated all the flaws you had until now. So, what next? It is obvious you brought in the physical changes and improvements to show it to somebody. It can be anyone, from one person to an audience. You may be a CEo of a company or a Model/Actor. The basic reason you invited these changes in your lifestyle was to show somebody or putting it more bluntly to ‘show off’, but people won’t come to you and see these changes in you. You have to publish it through something or someone that you are now ready to go the next level of the competition. 

Thus, we come in the picture. We deal in services like branding & Digital Marketing. We take you to the people online keeping business dynamics and strategies on priority. This is the profile of Brandperl. Changing Images in a successful way. For more information visit www.brandperl.com or call 9975048884

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Too Much Politeness will Kill You

Being Polite is always recommended by each and everybody. All of them are taught being polite with others, whether it’s school, relatives or your own family. But do they do teach you how to balance your politeness. The answer is No. They Don’t. This may have adverse effects on one’s character from childhood. They can become over polite and too nice to become a soft target for everybody in this mean and bad world. You need to balance out everything in life. Your Nature should be like a good cooked Biryani. Made up of variety of spices without one spice dominating the other. In each morsel you will be able to find the same taste you had in your first. So here are some signs to identify that are you the super polite one!

ODD MAN OUT In a meeting or a conference you wait for everyone else to sit, so that you  don’t seem to cause inconvenience for others and also not appear  presumptuous. This may feel like a wonderful gesture but it also may be  misunderstood as ‘one who stays off the circle’ and make you the odd man  out.


Being too polite can overshadow your real personality and can label you as a ‘boring and less interesting.’ It will kill the purpose of people trying to know you, thus making you an outcast and you will be remembered only when they want someone who can take bullets with a pretty smile


Do you find it difficult to say NO. People clearly understand your weakness and over power you by repeatedly forcing you to say Yes even if you say No to something. The Unfortunate part here, you surrender just within a few tries. So, if this matches then you are the one


Manipulating you must be like a walk in the park for your co-workers and friends. People start identifying that you can be influenced pretty easily and pile up work on you even if you have your hands full. This shows a poor image and people believe that walking on you is as easy as snapping fingers


You need to understand that in today’s mean and diplomatic world everyone believes that ‘nothing comes for free’. So, if you welcome each and every insult with a ear to ear smile you may pretty look creepy or an assassin. You can’t just be too nice for no reason and create a suspicion in minds of people around you. There is a bright chance that they may question your intentions. So understand, being too polite backfires in many situations

It is so obvious that your respect will go for a toss if you continuously score full marks at being overly nice and kind. Only one of your quality will be highlighted while the other attributes of your personality will never be unveiled

CTC (Costing the Company)

People who are too nice and sweet always get praised even behind their back due to their overwhelming nature but it doesn’t mean that they also look forward to your suggestions. You may think of consulting each and everybody before going ahead with any task and that completely eliminates the decision-making capability an individual should posses for further growth. 


 If you are into management only being too polite and nice is not an option. You need to have various character shades which should fit according and best to the situation arisen. Whenever there is a problematic situation for your employee they expect their superiors to take in charge and solve the problem being dynamic. If the leads are too polite the employee will instead avoid it by ignoring the issue or create a blunder by solving it on its own 


It may sound a bit different but the topic we are talking about today can also become a villain for your promotions even if you loads of truck-filled talent. It is simple, a business needs people who can handle a team and manage them in such a way that the given project or duty is perfectly executed. If you be too polite that creates a big question on your ambitions. A Organization will always look for aggressive employees who can take decisions and instruct fellow colleagues for the desired result, but your assignment will go for a complete toss if you aren’t strict enough with people and become Mr. Nice Guy


This is most challenging role of your life if you are too nice of a boss. Will elaborate on this with some sub points. These are particularly “DON’Ts” for a polite boss

Do not become a Messiah for the Non-Worker: 
Don’t become a savior of employees who are underperforming. If you are following this then you are being unfair to the other fellow workers in your company. Further, it can make a ugly scene of the boss getting accused of being biased and favoritism and your politeness wont defend you in this case.

Gender Blunder: 
It is very obvious that a polite boss will be super polite for the female staff as Chivalry is still alive. A line is to be drawn between the boss and the all the employees irrelevant of the gender. You can’t become one of the “Gang Member” as you need to shorten your appearance for having a good effect and also so that the team takes your orders seriously.

Don’t become Mr. Fix It
The polite boss can anytime turn into an overworked boss. You should avoid doing all the work as there is a reason you are the Boss and you have hired people working for you. Stop taking all of the responsibilities only because it wasn’t properly assigned by someone else

There are advantages and disadvantages to being nice. When it comes to workplace ethics though it is far better for a person who is assertive and aggressive to be in charge of how the company runs than a person who is too nice.  

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


noun: interview; plural noun: interviews
a meeting of people face to face, especially for consultation.
synonyms: meeting, discussion, conference, question and answer session, examination, evaluation, interrogation

This is the definition of Interview I found online. It says ‘a meeting of people face to face’ which interestingly contrasts the real situation of an interview. Whenever you hear the word ‘Interview’ you trigger an immediate thinking process of how will you answer confidently and what all you should prepare. Unfortunately, as the D-Day arrives and you face the interviewer all the preparations and answers which you literally rehearsed with someone or in front of the mirror begins to fade away or become irrelevant. Anxiety and Nervousness overtakes your Confidence and you start fumbling on the simplest things ever. Every working professional wants to become a warrior and know ways how to kill the monster named ‘INTERVIEW’

Let’s look at some strategically researched points on how to crack an interview

Job Profile
Understanding a job profile is as necessary as you try clothes before you buy them just to see if you fit in perfectly. Make a checklist of your professional and educational background, strengths, qualities, weaknesses and see if this is compatible with the company’s requirements. This will give you a better idea of how to approach the course of Interview.

     See We
A CV is a very vital tool for a successful interview. It is like an impressive trailer before the release of a movie. The better and impressive the trailer, the chances of being the movie a blockbuster is sure-shot. Just be careful as whatever you show in the trailer should be there in the actual movie. Bluffing in your CV is the most common mistake people make now-a-days. You need to understand that the most embarrassing moment in your life will be when the organization catches the fabrication in the CV and you have nothing to say, and being a director of a company I can say they do. So, just focus on your strengths and qualities instead of adding up more just to ‘look’ smart

      Love at first sight
Always be presentable and dress properly for the interview.  Your array of clothes should be comfortable for the profile you are applying for and you both. Wearing flashy accessories and carrying spunky and loud colored haircuts is a big NO as these don’t look professional and also make you casual about the job.

Always study on the subject of your interview. Make yourself confident enough by making a list of the questions you think that may get asked or are important. A great help here, is from friends or people you know of the same designation or industry. If you wield this resource, you will be able to equate 80% of questions during the interview

Slip of Tongue
In the Indian dishes even if you add whole lot of spices together you still need a pinch of salt for the spices to give their taste. The same way even if you posses a great amount of technical expertise and knowledge, you need communication skills to put them through so as they are portrayed properly. Express your ideas with a good conversation and capturing your interviewer in it.

 Body Language
Many recruiters also notice the body language before asking you a question. Body Language includes hand movements, facial expressions, posture, voice intonations and rate of speech. All the things mentioned, should exhibit that they are on the same page, as your hands can’t do a bhangra when you talking about your expectations from the company. Always maintain eye contact while talking as it displays your confidence and etiquettes. Sit straight and do not sag and also sound enthusiastic as you don’t want to bore your HR so he goes to sleep during the interviews

Mind your tongue
It is highly recommended not to get into any kind of argument with your interviewer. You can put your points through and a healthy debate is allowed but you can’t transform into a lawyer and start arguing over what is right and what is wrong. Just keep in mind, that the person sitting in front of you is senior by experience and is qualified to take interviews. So even if your point is justified, it may leave a stain on your image of being adamant

Honesty is the Best Policy after Insurance
Jokes Apart, being honest in the Interview may do wonders for you even if you lack a bit for the current position. If you don’t know any answer you should accept it rather than trying to give half correct answers and making the situation awkward and hitting the PANIC button. This displays that you are honest and flexible and organizations need flexible employees who can cope up with the fast changing business environments these days

Salary, Y u no grow
Salary Negotiation is the most sensitive part of an interview. You need to be ready with realistic figures in this session or else you will make a bad impression that money is your influential factor and you are leaving your current job just for a salary hike. Be prepared beforehand with industry statistics and do not ask more than the ongoing salary hike structure

 I am a ‘Complain’ Boy
The second most common mistake people do is start cribbing and badmouthing their current job and company when asked for the ‘reason for leaving your current job’. Instead you can just put forward the reason linked to growth rather than building a heap of complaints of the current organization.  Remember, that every candidate gets verified now-a-days, so even if you get selected still your current employer has a BIG role to play in you starting the job and leaving your report card stainless

With all the experience and knowledge, I gave my best to jot down all the points, but if any missed, it will be a pleasure if you can add any more in the comments below